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Lucas Fox offers a range of Valencia City real estate for sale and rent, from contemporary, designer apartments in the heart of the city to properties situated in historic buildings with period features.

The third largest city in Spain, Valencia sits at the heart of the Mediterranean coast and offers a pleasant, mild climate, delicious local cuisine and a plethora of interesting places to visit thanks to the city’s cultural and historical heritage.

Valencia has benefited from an overhaul in recent years due to events such as the America’s Cup sailing tournament and various motor sports events, bringing prestige and fame to the city.

Valencia has a long tradition of lively public celebrations, involving fireworks and parades while the well-maintained Turia Gardens or a table at one of the city’s fine restaurants offer a more relaxing experience. The newest addition to the city, the ultra modern City of Arts and Sciences attracts thousands of visitors every year and has become an emblem of the city.

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Lucas Fox offers an extensive portfolio of Valencia City real estate covering the key locations of interest.

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