Property investment in Spain

Our specialist investment team offers a tailored approach to portfolio transactions, guiding investors from start to finish and filtering the product that best suits their investment strategy.

Spain currently offers attractive opportunities for those investing in real estate. Historic low mortgage interest rates and consistently high demand in each major Spanish city mean that property investment can provide both immediate returns and sustained asset appreciation over time. Whether you’re looking to invest in real estate for short-term gains or long-term capital growth, Lucas Fox offers a range of property investment opportunities in Spain’s most sought-after areas.

Buy-and-hold property investments

A passive property investment strategy in which investors buy a property and hold for several years. The investor can use leverage to take advantage of record low mortgage rates, and enjoy the property.

Our New Developments portfolio offers excellent capital growth opportunities with a selection of some of the finest new-build promotions in Spain. When selecting the schemes we market, we look for longevity of demand, growth potential in the surrounding area, amenities and proven developer track record.

  • Little equity needed to buy and hold.
  • Consistent appreciation above inflation.
  • Tangible low risk asset compared to other asset classes.
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Purchasing off-plan presents an attractive investment opportunity allowing the client to benefit from long-term capital growth during the construction process.

Mo Butt Head of Investment Team, Lucas Fox
Mo Butt

Buy-and-rent property investments

This property investment strategy focuses on buying a property for income-generating purposes. Investors may want to rent the property long-term or use it as a tourist apartment. The strategy is most successful in areas which offer high rental demand or are located in central city areas.

We always seek out properties in located in areas of great demand, in the heart of their community, with amenities such as schools and healthcare, as well as important landmarks nearby. This ensures they will be attractive to both local renters as well as tourists.

  • Average rental yields of up to 6%
  • Steady, regular income in an area of consistent demand
  • Long-term price appreciation
  • Flexibility to use the property when desired
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Apartments with a tourist licence enable the owner to have the flexibility to rent out and earn an income from the asset along with being able to enjoy the property when they desire. With some areas no longer granting tourist licences, there is a solid value appreciation contributed to the licence alone.

Miguel Cidoncha Investment Team, Lucas Fox
Miguel Cidoncha