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The area of Quatre Carreres is one of Valencia’s largest districts, comprised of seven different neighbourhoods: the City of Arts and Sciences, En Corts, Font de Sant Lluís, La Punta, Malila, Monteolivete and Na Rovella.

The area is home to numerous historic sights, including the Pabellón de la Fuente San Luis, the Punta and Monteolivete churches and, most famously, the “Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias”.

The spectacular City of Arts and Sciences has become the iconic landmark of Valencia due to its magnificent buildings designed by the world renowned architect Calatrava, and the wonderful Jardines del Turia, the gardens of the old riverbed of the Turia River.

The area offers all necessary amenities for an excellent lifestyle, including many shops, bars and restaurants.

Lucas Fox offers a wide range of luxury properties for rent and sale in Quatre Carreres.

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