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Lucas Fox offers a range of El Gironés real estate for sale  around the city of Girona, from historic masias to stunning new build properties.

The picturesque, medieval city of Girona resides in the north east of Catalonia, at the confluence of four rivers: the Ter, Onyar, Güell and Galligants. The charm of Girona lies in the ideal balance it maintains between the bustle of an important city, with internationally renowned restaurants, great shopping, museums and cultural events, and the laid-back, unpretentious feel of a more provincial town. The languages spoken here are Catalan and Spanish, although Catalan is predominant and a strong sense of cultural identity prevails here that is reflected in the colourful, year-round, public celebrations.

Girona is surrounded by fields and croplands, including the pretty valley of Sant Daniel, which can be reached on foot from the historic centre of the city. Girona is well-known for the variety of its cuisine, with something for all tastes, from the rich, comforting dishes based on Mediterranean market products, to the avant-garde twist of signature cuisine featured in Michelin-starred restaurants.

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