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Cadaqués is one of the Costa Brava’s most emblematic and picturesque coastal towns. Its traditional white-washed fisherman’s houses and its stunning location at the foot of the Cap de Creus natural park has inspired some of the world’s most celebrated artists, including Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. Properties available to buy in Cadaqués range from modern apartments and traditional townhouses in the town centre to large detached villas and luxury seafront estates.

One of the greatest attractions to Cadaqués is its natural beauty and the fact that is has changed very little over the decades. Strict local planning regulations have prevented any major development in the area and, as a result, the town has maintained its traditional charm and authenticity. Overlooks the breath-taking Bay of Cadaqués, the town offers a unique atmosphere and comprises several small coves and beaches which are a delight to explore. Within a few minutes’ drive is the vast Cap de Creus natural park with its spectacular, rugged landscape and stunning sea views.

Properties in Cadaqués

Lucas Fox offers real estate for sale in Cadaqués town centre and the surrounding coastal areas, including Port Lligat, as well as offering rustic properties for sale in El Cap de Creus. Seafront properties, detached villas with swimming pools in the surrounding residential areas and townhouses within easy walking distance of the beach and town centre are the most sought-after properties in Cadaqués.  Many of the best properties are passed down from generation to generation and seldom come onto the market. As a results, in cases where prime properties do come onto the market, they tend to demand very high prices which reflect their scarcity.

In Cadaqúes town centre, properties range from apartments to traditional townhouses and first line homes. The Lucas Fox portfolio targets prime properties in the best locations and properties requiring renovation with investment potential. The enviable climate and charming bays and coves, combined with the easy access to France, Barcelona and the rest of Europe from the international airport, continue to make the Costa Brava an ideal destination for property investors.

Given the limited size of the market, the supply of product is restricted, and this makes Cadaqués one of the most expensive and exclusive locations on the Costa Brava. Spanish, French and British clients are the most active buyers in the Cadaqués market and Cadaqués attracts a very specific client profile, looking solely for properties in and around the town and unlikely to consider properties in other areas of the Costa Brava. The Cadaqués market is largely a second home market given the holiday appeal of the area although it offers all of the necessary services for year-round living and appeals particularly to those seeking contact with nature and a healthy lifestyle of fresh sea air and country walks.

Browse through our catalogue of homes for sale in Cadaqués and contact our experienced team of multilingual real estate specialists at the Lucas Fox Costa Brava office for guidance finding your dream home in this exclusive area of the Catalan coast.

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