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  • 14th March 2017

    The Lucas Fox Guide to Buying a Property in Spain 2017

    Lucas Fox’s Guide to Buying a Property in Spain is intended as a general overview of the process and the costs involved in purchasing a property in Spain.

  • 8th March 2017

    Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Barcelona

    The Catalan capital consistently tops polls for its quality of life thanks to its enviable Mediterranean lifestyle and established reputation as a hub for business innovation and creativity. The lure of the city appeals to lifestyle investors who recognise the city’s long-term potential. Aside from its attractive property prices, here are Lucas Fox’s Top 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona.

  • 6th March 2017

    Expert Opinion – Where Shall I Buy in Barcelona?

    Every month a Lucas Fox expert will give their advice on a specific property-related topic. This month Lucas Fox co-founder Alexander Vaughan gives his opinion on the best property investment hotspots in Barcelona.

  • 3rd March 2017

    Lucas Fox partner ELITE, Spain’s premier business club

    As Spain’s ties with China become increasingly stronger, Lucas Fox links up with ELITE, a leading business members club which helps create synergies between the two countries.

  • 27th February 2017

    Renting your property with Airbnb

    Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a trusted online community marketplace for people to list and book accommodations around the world, in more than 190 countries.

  • 27th February 2017

    Spain set for more robust property market in 2017

    Lucas Fox’s latest Market Reports show that foreign buyers continue to dominate sales in the prime residential market but national sales are up. There is a strong demand for new homes but still a shortage of quality stock. Brexit and the ‘Trump effect’ are beginning to shape buyer trends.

  • 24th February 2017

    Market Reports 2016 released

    The Lucas Fox Market Reports for 2016 continue to show encouraging trends across all prime regions, with the number of property sales transactions in Spain during 2016 up significantly (14%) compared to 2015. Lucas Fox registered a 31% increase in sales transactions during 2016.

  • 13th February 2017

    Top 10 Properties for sale exclusively with Lucas Fox in Barcelona

    A selection of the finest Properties for sale exclusively with Lucas Fox in Barcelona.

  • New developments

    2nd February 2017

    Top 5 Most Prestigious Spanish New Developments

    The New Developments division of Lucas Fox was established in 2015, following the increasing demand for high quality, new homes in Spain. The portfolio includes a vast array of extraordinary properties, from high-end city locations in Madrid to spacious modern villas in Marbella. With more exciting new projects anticipated for this year, here are 5 of Lucas Fox’s most prestigious developments.

  • 1st February 2017

    10 Tips for Real Estate Investment

    Investing in real estate is both exciting and challenging, and you can certainly make some decent money in the process. However, many investors make mistakes that keep them from realizing their potential. The following 10 tips from guest blogger Patrick Rogers should help….

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