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  • Co-ownership home in Ibiza

    3rd January 2022

    Is co-ownership of a house a good idea?

    If you are currently considering buying a home and are wondering whether co-ownership of a property might be a good option for you, this blog may clear up some doubts.

  • pozuelo & Aracaca

    15th November 2021

    Pozuelo & Aravaca: Best Places to live in Madrid

    When we think about the best places to live in Madrid, we generally think of the city centre but there’s so much going on in the suburbs, too. If you would prefer living in spacious houses with private pools and gardens, then keep reading.

  • 26th August 2021

    Living in Tarragona: A comprehensive guide

    Located just an hour from Barcelona, Tarragona offers a luxurious yet more affordable lifestyle than its trendy neighbour. Discover why living in Tarragona might be your best bet.

  • 2nd December 2020

    Thinking of living in Andorra?

    Andorra has become a truly coveted destination. This wonderful country offers countless advantages that make it a powerful magnet for those seeking a first or second residence. Find out why below.

  • #stayhomeolympics2020 Instagram Contest

    27th April 2020

    Instagram Contest: #stayhomeolympics2020

    Join the Lucas Fox #stayhomeolympics2020 contest on Instagram for a chance to win an amazing prize

  • 31st March 2020

    Home improvement ideas during quarantine

    Make the most of your time in quarantine by getting your home looking its very best, whether you are looking to sell now or in the near future.

  • Buying A Second Home

    30th January 2020

    Buying A Second Home For Holiday Lets? Read This First

    In this article, we’ll aim to provide some pointers for buying a second home, drawing on the Savills study as well as our own experience.

  • Barcelona's district

    27th January 2020

    A lifestyle guide to Barcelona’s key districts

    An insider’s guide to Barcelona’s key districts of the Old Town, Eixample, Gràcia, Sants, Sant Martí and the Zona Alta.

  • moving abroad

    18th December 2019

    Moving to Spain? What to take, what to store and what to throw out.

    Moving abroad can be stressful, so here`s some advice about de-cluttering, selling and giving away items as well as storage solutions to ensure a hassle-free transition

  • christmas in spain

    25th November 2019

    Christmas in Spain: Something to Look Forward To

    Discover some of the key Christmas traditions in each of Spain’s major expat communities. We can’t promise that Santa Claus will visit you and your loved ones this year, but we can help you to make the most of your first Festive period in your new Iberian surroundings.

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