Prime Retail Spaces for sale and rent in Barcelona

At Lucas Fox, we are specialists in the sale and rental of prime Retail Spaces in the city centers of Barcelona and Madrid.

In order to advise on the best retail opportunities it is essential to have up-to-date information about the market. At Lucas Fox, we know and collaborate with Key Operators and Business Owners in all of the key retail sectors. The LFCRE team works toward obtaining the maximum value of the Retail Spaces that we commercialize.


Investor Opportunities

A key factor in running a successful retail operation is location. The LFCRE team has retail investment opportunities in both Prime and Secondary locations, with returns between 4%-10%, depending on the occupant and the conditions of the contract. Additionally, we can help you in obtaining unoccupied properties that can offer a higher yield, or a quicker return.

Final User Opportunities

Whether you are looking to buy or information on renting a retail storefront or unit, the LFCRE team can assist by providing current market conditions and guiding you through the process from the obtaining of licenses to the execution of the project build or reform.

Property Owner Opportunities

Do you want to obtain a higher yield on your property, or perhaps it is time to sell? The LFCRE team has relationships with the most active international retail operators and works in an advisory role with companies trying to establish themselves in Barcelona. The LFCRE offers property owners access to this exclusive property and investment demand, which allows you to achieve liquidity at market price.

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