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  • 29th November 2011

    Election debrief: Spanish housing market 2012

    With the landslide victory of Mariano Rajoy and the center-right Partido Popular (PP) on 20 November, many are wondering what this will mean for the Spanish Housing Market 2012?

  • 26th February 2011

    An eye on Costa del Maresme

    Tourism figures continue to be the year’s best news story for Spain, with significant flow-on effects for property in city areas like Barcelona and beach areas like the Costa del Maresme.

  • 25th February 2011

    Tourist numbers help stabilize Ibiza real estate market

    Does Spanish tourism have a flow on effect to real estate Spain? The healthy tourist numbers since the start of 2011 could be indicative of a trend that gives further confidence to the Spanish property market.

  • 18th February 2011

    15 Reasons To Invest in Spain Real Estate: A Summary of the UK Property Investment Roadshow

    Encouraging a fresh perspective on Spain real estate was the goal of last week’s visit to the UK by Spanish Housing Minister, Beatriz Corredor, and Minister of Development, Jose Blanco.

  • 17th February 2011

    What next for Barcelona luxury property in 2011?

    With the release of the Lucas Fox Market Reports this week, there is bound to be some contention as the agency’s Directors share their insights and predictions on the future for Barcelona luxury property, Costa Brava villas and Ibiza real estate for the next six months and into 2012.

  • 17th February 2011

    Ibiza real estate is your next port of call

    With recent upgrades to Barcelona Port accessibility, and still more on the way, a novel way to check out Ibiza real estate now is to arrive via the sea rather than fly in

  • 16th February 2011

    Barcelona property: A highly valued brand

    Good news for Barcelona property: a new study released this week to Catalan newspaper El Periodico has confirmed Barcelona’s worldwide status as a “quality brand”.

  • 10th February 2011

    Was the Spain real estate roadshow a success?

    We recently reported on the UK roadtrip by Spain’s Housing Minister, Beatriz Corredor, and Development Minister, Jose Blanco, that aimed to encourage Spain real estate investment. Our report focused on the main messages of the Ministers and how these matched recent advice from the pages of the Wall Street Journal on choosing the right time to invest in property.

  • 10th February 2011

    Predictions prove accurate in luxury property market

    Recent property reports from the Bank of Spain and leading market analysts around the globe show a new wave of investors are taking advantage of Spain’s availability of high quality properties in some of the country’s best locations.

  • 6th February 2011

    19.5 Million EUR in real estate transactions: a successful quarter for Lucas Fox International Properties

    Lucas Fox International Properties, with its head office in Barcelona, today announce their most successful quarter since starting business in 2005. In the third quarter of 2011 the company completed on luxury Spanish property transactions worth 19.5 million in Barcelona, the Costa Brava and Ibiza.

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