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Get up to 8x more value for your money when you co-own a property

Co-own a property, and elevate the experience of feeling at home.

Have you ever thought of co-owning a property?

When you co-own a property, you’ll get to enjoy all the advantages of owning a luxury vacation home at a fraction of the cost. You can acquire a deeded ownership from 1/8th to 1/2 of a property, granting you the right to exclusively use your property for 45 -180 days per year.

Lucas Fox collaborates with EVEROMES, a co-owning property manager active across 7 countries in Europe. They have a long-lasting track record for bespoke vacation homes and have developed, built, and furnished luxury homes worth more than €300 million across Europe’s finest vacation destinations.

All property management tasks are taken care of so that you can enjoy ownership hassle-free, and a real perk is that you become a true owner of the property, meaning you also benefit from the value appreciation of the asset.

Tempted? Check out some of these homes below:

Villa del Ostea, a gorgeous 5-bedroom villa with city and mountain views, close to Ibiza Town, starting at just €528.150 per share.


For just €431.460 per share, Finca Cuya, a renovated 5-bedroom property with 2 guest houses in Cala Nova, Santa Eulalia.


Casa Paloma, an incredible 4-bedroom villa in a new development, in San José, starting at only €316.250 per share.

Frequently asked questions

What is co-ownership?

Co-owning a property allows individuals, couples and families to jointly own a vacation home with up to 7 like-minded co-owners, instead of owning it alone. When co-owning through EVEROMES, they also manage the property and all matters of the co-owners related to the property – from repairs to maintenance, cleaning, bookkeeping and concierge services.

The benefits of co-ownership for assets like vacation homes that you use only a few weeks or months per year are obvious: you share the acquisition and operating cost with your co-owners, while still benefiting from the enjoyment of the home and its value appreciation over time.

How does co-ownership managed by EVEROMES work?

For each property, EVEROMES sets up a property-specific, tax-optimized property holding company with 8 co-ownership shares. You can acquire from 1 up to 4 shares and therewith own 1/8th to 1/2 of the property.

EVEROMES manages the whole acquisition process – from running a due diligence on the property with local tax and legal consultants to upgrading the property in terms of interior design, furnishing, decoration and technical amenities, to managing the closing process.

Once the property is acquired and the co-ownership structure is setup, EVEROMES manages the property holding company and the property. The only thing that you and your fellow co-owners have to do is show up and relax.

How are the booking rules in peak times?

For every vacation destination, there are eight weeks specified per year that are considered to be the peak season. The booking system is easy and equitable and ensures that each co-owner, depending on the number of co-ownership shares, can enjoy the property in peak season and non-peak season.

Every share of 1/8th grants you exclusive access to the property for 45 days per year, including 1 guaranteed week in the peak season. If you wish to spend more time in your vacation home, you can acquire up to 4/8ths, providing you with 180 days exclusive access per year, including 4 guaranteed weeks in the peak season.

What is included in the share price?

In the case of co-owning through EVEROMES, the share price of a property is calculated as the sum of four components: (i) First the property price paid to the seller, (ii) The real estate transfer tax and notary cost associated with the sale, (iii) The set-up and service fee for financing, buyer aggregation, and legal set up of the property and (iv) Costs for home upgrading, furnishing, and decoration if and only to the extent applicable. 

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