Published 29/11/2018 by Carrie Frais

Heaven scent – could smell be the secret to success in real estate sales?

Could scent be the secret to selling? Lucas Fox certainly thinks so as they launch a new urban, beach and rural line of candles.

As we approach the Christmas period many owners with homes on the market will be keen to clinch a deal before the festivities get underway. One of the solutions to this – according to Spain-based leading luxury real estate agency Lucas Fox – is to create a positive connection between a buyer and their potential home via the strongest of our senses – smell.

Over the last two years, Lucas Fox has been working with the world’s leading fragrance company Givaudan to develop an exclusive line of fragranced candles. The brief was simple: to use ingredients to create positive emotions.

After several months of intensive research and development, the two companies devised three distinct customised fragranced candles, dependent on a property’s location: The City of Joy for city homes, The Endless Summer for coastal villas and The Secret Garden for country properties. Lucas Fox will be gifting the candles to owners of properties who exclusively market their homes with them.

“Givaudan does more than just simply create scents,” explains fragrance consultant Isabelle Van Ingen who worked on the project. “They aim to craft experiences and spark emotions. Their creativity, insight and innovation has helped create this unique product for Lucas Fox which we think will be a fantastic and unique addition to the sales process.”

Scent has been widely used in the US for successful marketing for many years, especially in the retail and hotel sectors. Studies across the pond suggest that a person’s mood is enhanced by an average of 40% when surrounded by an attractive scent.

“Numerous studies have suggested that odours trigger strong, emotional memories. Smell gets an elevated status in our brains, because unlike the other four senses, it bypasses the thalamus and goes straight to the brain’s smell centre, known as the olfactory bulb. Fragrance can connect people and it can also connect us to places, such as our home,” adds Van Ingen.

Lucas Fox is renowned for its innovative marketing techniques and will be the first real estate agency in Spain to use fragrance as a marketing tool.

Alexandra Mezquita, Lucas Fox Head of Sales, recommends sellers focus on creating an inviting and fresh environment to welcome potential buyers into their home.

“To maximise a quick sale make sure you declutter but don’t personalise, fix and clean where necessary, give tired rooms a fresh lick of paint and keep everything as light and airy as possible.”

The Lucas Fox candles

Scent: The Secret Garden for Rural properties

The Secret Garden for Rural properties: A fig tree spreads its leaves and branches over a green union of basil and mint

Scent: The Endless Summer for Beach villas

The Endless Summer for Beach villas: Neroli and orange oils form a solar duo joined by the Mediterranean softness of musky and marine notes

Scent: The City of Joy for Urban homes

The City of Joy for Urban homes: Ginger and cardamom spice up a base of cedar wood and benzoin

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