The Lucas Fox Affiliate Programme

Director of the Lucas Fox Affiliate Programme Michael DiCarpio talks about why the company has chosen to expand, the cities and regions he is targeting and the challenges he faces.

The Lucas Fox Affiliate Programme was established in 2017 and offers an integrated service platform for established real estate businesses interested in joining an international company with global reach. Lucas Fox’s 13+ years’ experience, sales expertise and infrastructure means it can develop relatively untapped Spanish markets where international demand is already fairly high. Michael DiCarpio, an experienced realtor with more than 10 years’ experience in real estate, heads up the Programme.

Michael DiCarpio, Director of the Lucas Fox Affiliate Programme

How is the Lucas Fox Affiliate Programme going? How many new Affiliates do you have now?

We currently have 6 new Affiliates in Gavà Mar and Castelldefels, Andorra, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Los Monasterios (Valencia), Tarragona and Ciutadella in Menorca.

The new Tarragona Affiliate team

What are the main challenges that you face when getting new affiliates on board?

Ensuring the new Affiliates adapt to our way of working.

Ensuring new Affiliates are familiar with our back-end system and that it works well within their new set-up.

Ensuring that our new Affiliates gain greater market share and becomes more profitable.

What makes the Lucas Fox Affiliate Programme more attractive than other real estate franchise offers around? What are the main benefits for new Affiliates?

Our programme is more attractive because we are unlike other affiliate programmes. The business of franchises is to sell the brand but also the computers, magazines, merchandising etc. This is a parallel business. With our programme, we sell across the board our brand, systems and tools in order to gain market share in the national and international luxury residential property market. Anything that does not result in sales or rentals does not interest us.

Other franchise schemes choose a country or region, sell the franchise and then intermediate, creating tools and work methodology. We’ve been working for 12 years with affluent international clients. Once we know the Affiliates are doing as well as Lucas Fox only then do we sell the systems and not vice-versa. The main benefit for our Affiliates is that we have an operating system created to enter or gain market share in the luxury and international real estate market. It seems easy, but it is not so easy to get the correct positioning, achieve the database of this type of client and know how to work with them, to understand the tools that work well and those that do not work. In the end we offer a proven and well positioned successful business.

What are the areas in Spain that you are focusing on and why?

Mainly where we see current demand from our clients and where we see the potential for demand from international clients. We are currently looking at different areas of Madrid, Mallorca, Málaga, Alicante and the Costa Blanca, Sotogrande, Bilbao and San Sebastian, and the Canary Islands.

Who are the buyers for these new markets?

National and international clients with high spending power and who are also looking for a good quality of life.

How do you expect the market to progress in these areas over the mid to long-term?

Markets such as Mallorca are already highly developed and have a certain type of buyer. Others such as Málaga are now beginning to appeal to international clients, mainly because of its attractive property prices and its changing infrastructure, good communications, gastronomy and good leisure facilities.

Why did you decided that now is the right time to develop the franchise business at Lucas Fox?

Because now we are ready. Our systems are fully advanced, and with the tools and technology we have, we are able to offer existing real estate agencies a potentially very successful business plan. We can increase our presence and market share in the hands of professionals who have a desire to grow and who have a proven track record.

What advantages marketing-wise does Lucas Fox have over other agencies in Spain?

Our international outlook and our innovation. Right from the start we were different because we specialised in one sector of the market. The key is specialisation and our people as well as the investment we put into public relations.

How do you ensure that each Affiliate stays true to the Lucas Fox brand?

We have an established support and consultancy service for every new Affiliate. Realistically we ensure this in the selection process.

You are targeting existing real estate businesses. How do you go about finding the business that will work best within the Lucas Fox framework?

We focus on existing companies because of our established brand which offers added value to those in the sector. Our tools and market knowledge also help in this respect. We customise everything for our new Affiliates. That is, we analyse it in detail and from there on in we work on any points that need improvement and we strengthen those that are already working well.

If business owners are interested in becoming a Lucas Fox Affiliate what should they do?

Get in touch with us and we will carry out an interview in order to work out whether the business is a good fit.

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