Lucas Fox international press coverage May 2018

A look at Lucas Fox’s international press coverage in May 2018

  • BuyAssociation: Brits moving abroad still opt for Spain for sunshine and cheap property (08/05/18)
  • Property TV (Ep 102): Is it true that the Spanish can buy property in Spain for less than the English do? This would seem unfair but I know that there is some resistance to selling to foreigners in some countries. (07:00 – 08:18) (12/05/18, 13/05/18, 14/05/18)
  • Property TV (Ep 102): If I bought a home in Spain as a second home and decided to rent it out, would a local company promote it for me both in the locality and to other countries where people might be interested such as the USA? (19:42 – 21:21) (12/05/18, 13/05/18, 14/05/18)
  • Classic Driver: 10 dream homes for a sunny summer in Spain (14/05/18)
  • Classic Driver: 10 sonnige Traumhäuser in Spanien (14/05/18)
  • Property TV (Ep 104): I am thinking of investing in property in Spain but I am nervous about there being another boom and bust scenario which we had in 2008. How is the market different 10 years on? (08:14 – 10:53) (19/05/18, 20/05/18, 21/05/18)
  • Property TV (Ep 104): I am considering moving to Spain for my retirement. How can I get permanent residency? (12:26 – 14:38) (19/05/18, 20/05/18, 21/05/18)
  • Property Newsroom: New Homes and Foreign Buyers Driving Spanish Home Sales (22/05/18)
  • The New York Times: House Hunting in … Spain (23/05/18)
  • A Place in the Sun: Madrid (Summer 2018)
  • European Life Magazine: Lucas Fox Valencia property sales Spain (29/05/18)

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