Lucas Fox collaborates with Casal dels Infants in Raval

“Since 1983 we have helped more than 40,000 children, young people and their families.” Thaïs Sanchez of Casal dels Infants.

LF: When and why was Casal dels Infants founded?

TS: In 1983 a group of neighbours and people linked to Barcelona’s Raval neighbourhood decided to do something to reverse the situation of vulnerable children in the area. They started a daily educational project that helped all areas of their schooling. More than 30 years later, this spirit continues in all the neighbourhoods we work in. Since 1983 we have helped more than 40,000 children, young people and their families to develop their capabilities, to improve their lives.

LF: Can you describe a little bit about what you do and who you help?

TS: We work in neighbourhoods where there is greater risk of social exclusion, within schools and other social and educational entities and services. This, together with the support of public administrations, companies and thousands of people, has helped break the poverty cycle and give the children and young people what they need.

We are a social and educational entity, which since 1983 has supported children and young people with social and economic difficulties in our society. We help them from the early years of their lives until they enter the working world. Because we are convinced that, however hard their reality, if they receive support then they can overcome their situations and move forward.

LF: In which neighbourhoods do you work?

TS: In Raval (Barcelona), Besòs-La Mina, Llefià and Sant Roc (Badalona), Raval-Santa Rosa (Santa Coloma) and Salt (Girona).

LF: Can you tell us about one of your success stories?

TS: Please watch Ama’s story:

LF: Who is involved in the Casal dels Infants team?

TS: We are a committed team who believes in education and citizenship as the engine of a true social transformation. The close collaboration between contracted professionals and volunteers has multiplying effects on the energy and values ​​that each one contributes. We are people with initiative and willingness to participate, with knowledge of the context of intervention, promoters of social transformation.

LF: You don’t only work in Spain but also in Morocco. Tell us about your work there.

TS: Children started coming to Barcelona from Morocco ​​in the summer of 1999, without any adult company. Together with the Dirección General de Atención a la Infancia we travelled to Tangier to find out why they abandon their homes at such an early age without any guarantee or support.

We started to work with the local associations of Tangier to help them strengthen their skills and knowledge so that they could generate educational and social proposals for children and young people from the surrounding neighbourhoods of the city. Real opportunities to have a future in their own homes.

Today, with the help of 45 local associations, with whom we share a vision and objectives, we work in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Tangier and Casablanca, to improve the opportunities for children, young people, families and women.

LF: You also work directly with schools. Tell us a little bit about this.

TS: Via Escola Suma we work with schools to overcome the inequality that exists in our society. We provide teachers and students with a series of initiatives, tools and support materials to use in classrooms. These are based on consciousness and social responsibility, respect for diversity, active citizenship and solidarity, but they also promote reflection, involvement and active participation throughout the entire school community.

As educational and training agents of the next generation, we are convinced that together we can create a society capable of offering all its children, adolescents and young people the opportunities they need to give them the future they deserve.

LF: If someone wants to get involved with your organisation how can they go about doing this?

TS: In many ways! The following link tells you how:

LF: What donations are most needed right now and how can people go about donating?

TS: In the following link we explain more details about our Christmas campaign:

LF: At Lucas Fox we are donating presents for children as part of your “Three Kings Campaign”. Tell us how this works and who it will benefit.

TS: The idea is to create a fun campaign for the company where their teams donate materials to ensure that our summer activities are possible.

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