Published 26/06/2017 by Carrie Frais

Lucas Fox Prime Partners

Lucas Fox’s latest venture Lucas Fox Prime is delighted to announce three important partnerships.

For the launch of Lucas fox Prime, Lucas Fox has established ongoing partnerships with the Chocolat Factory, Charles Heidsieck Champagne and GEMS BARCELONA.

Chocolat Factory

Lucas Fox Prime Partners

Chocolat Factory was founded with the aim of revolutionising the Spanish chocolate industry, beyond the traditional concept of chocolate and showing that anything quite simple can become completely different without losing its essence. The company’s business vision, passion for good chocolate and beautifully presented chocolate products have won it more than 30 awards, including the Príncipe de Asturias award for Business Excellence.

Today Chocolat Factory has around 90 employees, dedicated to the design, production and retail of chocolate products, all 100% gluten-free and made without palm oil. The products are handcrafted in a workshop located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, close to Barcelona, ​and are sold in the company’s 27 stores throughout Spain and Andorra.

The success formula of Chocolat Factory is based its six key principles: quality, creativity, design, innovation, communication and customer service.

Chocolat Factory goes beyond the product and understands what customers really want: to enjoy excellent chocolate and new experiences, to open their imagination and be challenged.Lucas Fox Prime Partners

Charles Heidsieck

Lucas Fox Prime Partners

In 1851 a free-spirited visionary, Charles Heidsieck, founded what would become one of the most award-winning champagne houses in the world. One year later, guided by his intuition, Charles set sail for America in the hope of gaining a new market untouched by the champagne trade. The elite of American society were charmed by the charisma of this gentleman-entrepreneur. Buoyed by his success in America, Charles set his sights on Europe, where his unique persona and exceptional champagne opened the doors of the Royal courts.

Today Charles Heidsieck is among the most recognised by the profession and its continued recognition is entrusted to the House’s Cellar Masters, whose passion and expertise are among the finest in the industry.


Lucas Fox Prime Partners

GEMS was founded in 1983 in Barcelona as a manufacturer of high quality designer sofas and armchairs. The 1990s saw GEMS broaden its horizons and become an exporter.

As a Barcelona company, GEMS decided to embrace the new Diagonal urban project with the opening of its Balmes/Diagonal showroom. This is where they offer their latest creations made with designer fabrics and styles from Missoni, Armani, Ralph Lauren and Romo, James Malone, Designer Guild, Güell Lamadrid, Gancedo and more.

GEMS believe in efficient, practical designs that recognise and adapt naturally to the individual needs of each client. They take time to create unique, handcrafted pieces without technical limitations, each reflecting meticulous and careful craftsmanship.

Their intelligent, personalised method adapts and customises each product to the individual needs of their clients. This improves levels of comfort by matching the chosen design to the profile and preferences of each unique body.

In 2017 GEMS expanded their product offering with the new “In&Out” collection, a chameleon line that adapts to both the outdoor spaces and the interior but maintains all the comfort and quality that characterises GEMS.

Lucas Fox Prime Partners Lucas Fox Prime Partners Lucas Fox Prime Partners Lucas Fox Prime Partners Lucas Fox Prime Partners

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