Lucas Fox partner ELITE, Spain’s premier business club

As Spain’s ties with China become increasingly stronger, Lucas Fox links up with ELITE, a leading business members club which helps create synergies between the two countries.

Lucas Fox is delighted to announce a new collaboration for 2017 with ELITE SPAIN, an exclusive business club focusing on the promotion of local and international business based in Spain which offer a high level of service, exclusivity and quality. The organisation incorporates more than 50 firms from a wide variety of sectors including real estate, fashion, hospitality, interiors, services, gastronomy, medicine and car brands.

ELITE’S key objectives are:

  • The promotion of its company members’ brands by targeting potential clients
  • Open Networking events to facilitate potential synergies and collaborations
  • Logistical support for all members
  • Promotion of ELITE members via newsletters, blog sites, Influencers and Social Media
  • Help expose ELITE brands on international platform​s, establishing relationships with different countries via local international residents, consulates, embassies and institutions

​One such event was held recently at the Chinese Consulate which opened its doors for the first time to welcome both Chinese and local businesses. Lucas Fox was honoured to be one of the key businesses attending the event. One of the messages from the Consulate was to dispel the myth of the ‘Todo a Cien’ shops which have been dominated by Chinese residents. 

“20 years ago, the Chinese who lived here (Catalunya) did not speak Catalan but now the second generation has been born they are developing new sectors which are gaining investment from China.”

– Tang Hen, Chinese Consulate in Barcelona

Chinese Expansion

Between January and November 2016, €8,000 million of business was carried out between Spain and China, with a third of it taking place in Catalunya. The Chinese are said to admire the Catalan work ethic and are particularly focused in renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and tourism. From May this year, there will be a direct route from Shanghai to Barcelona international airport, welcoming thousands more Chinese.

Increasing numbers of Chinese are choosing to buy in Spain, mainly to obtain the Golden Visa, an initiative which offers Spanish Residency in exchange for property investments.

Lucas Fox’s sister site offers a full Spanish Residency service for non-EU nationals from property search to help in obtaining the Golden Visa.

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