Published 07/06/2016 by Carrie Frais

Setting the Stage for a Speedy House Sale

Carol Robson of Tiny House Plans gives us her top tips on how to prepare your home for a quick sale.

First impressions count and especially so for prospective buyers interested in purchasing your home. Setting the stage to create the best impression is not just an important but an essential step in finding a buyer quickly. But how do you go about staging your home for viewers and what are the top tips that you can use to create the right impression.

Clean It

It should go without saying that a clean home is more likely to create a good impression than a dirty home. Make sure that carpets, upholstery and curtains are clean and stain free. Wash the walls, doors and even ceilings to get rid of any marks or damage and apply a new coat of paint if necessary.

Pay careful attention to doorknobs, light fittings and switches, as well as wall sockets. Wash the windows, frames, sills and curtain rails. Closets and cupboards should also be cleaned and scrubbed both inside and out. Most importantly, get rid of any funky odors. If you can afford it, get a professional cleaning team to give your home a good, deep clean.

Organise It

Nobody wants to see the stuff that you have accumulated over the years, so be sure to put it all away. Simply shoving it in cupboards, however, won’t do. Prospective home buyers may open cupboards and closets while viewing your home.

It is advisable to place all your clutter in storage. This includes furniture items, appliances or ornaments that simply don’t lend themselves to the show house look that you are aiming for. If necessary, get a home organisation expert to assist you with the decluttering process.

Illuminate It

A dark, ill-lit home is less likely to sell quickly. Make sure to open all your curtains, drapes and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible. Turn all the lights on for your show day.

If the environment still doesn’t look light and airy, place some additional table lamps or opt for brighter light globes. Changing or cleaning light fittings or lampshades can also provide better illumination.

Use lighter paint shades in dark and dim rooms. Neutral colors are best. Place fewer furniture items in small spaces and remove excess pictures or other wall hangings to create a more open feel.

Place It

The placement of your furniture, ornamental and decorative items is prime to setting the stage for show day. Move the items around until they fit well into the space and maximise the room’s potential. Look through style and design magazines to get some hints and tips about the best placement of items in a specific room.

Remember that you want it to look like a show house but still feel like a home. Leave a few personal touches such as family portraits in stylish frames or a couple of nick-knacks that express your personal style. Don’t overdo it. You don’t want your personality to overwhelm the space but rather create an elegant, contemporary look that most home buyers can relate to.

Repair It

Make sure that everything that needs to be fixed is repaired before show day. There is nothing like a dripping tap, a door hanging off its hinges or dings and scrapes on the walls to put off a potential buyer.

Just remember that you don’t have to go to great expense to get your home show ready. However, if you can afford to spend some extra money on expert advice and some stylish design elements, it could provide greater value in the long run by increasing the perceived value of your property and allowing you to sell it more quickly.

Carol Robson is a retired social worker who believes in living simply, being ecologically friendly and leaving a small footprint. For more helpful information for others looking to do the same, check out Tiny House Plans.

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