Special mortgage rates for Lucas Fox clients

Mortgage Direct announce latest variable rates as low as Euribor + 1.3% for Lucas Fox clients

Lucas Fox partners Mortgage Direct have announced that they can now offer Lucaa Fox clients variable rates as low as Euribor + 1.3% to their clients.* This rate is far lower than the majority of banks are currently offering to resident clients. Mortgage Direct are able to offer lower rates as a result of continually providing high volumes of business directly to the banks. The very lowest published rate from Mortgage Direct’s main competitor is currently Euribor + 1.7%.

Several lenders have recently approached Mortgage Direct to advise that they are looking to lend more aggressively now that the property market is improving. They also now work with a bank which specialises in mortgages for UK company owners as well as a bank that offers a very flexible product where the rate can be fixed for just the first year, or any number of years up to and including an option for a full 30-year fixed rate.

* Fixed rates start from 2.4% for the whole term.

Current Mortgage Conditions:

Mortgage Interest Rates
Euribor (0.139%) + 1.3% to 3%
Currently 1.43% to 3.43%

Maximum Borrowing (lower of valuation or purchase price)
Fiscal Residents 80%
Non-residents up to 70%*

*Depends on client’s profile and country of residence.

For further information on mortgage products, high-net-worth clients & golden visas, visit Mortgage Direct’s recently revamped website. Their comprehensive, step-by-step guide also helps clients understand how the process works.

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