Published 01/04/2015 by Carrie Frais

Marbella’s Jet Set Get Set

High performance Ferraris, Vipers, Porsches, Rolls Royces and Mercedes are some of the world’s top supercars on display over Easter weekend as the annual Wileco ‘Race for Fun’ gets underway. This year, Lucas Fox is sponsoring the event and will be giving participants the chance to to test drive the brand new Jaguar F-type.

Marbella is gearing up for the arrival of some of the world’s most coveted high performance sports cars this Easter weekend, as the annual, week-long Wileco ‘Race for Fun’ gets underway.

Participants this year include scores of high profile Swedish, German and British businessmen, entrepreneurs and also some celebrities, all of whom have a shared passion for supercars, including Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes, Vipers and Rolls Royce.

The ‘race’ includes four track days at Ascari and Monteblanco, two of the most exciting circuits in Europe.

This is the second year of the event, which has been exclusively sponsored by leading high-end real estate agency Lucas Fox International Properties, who will be offering participants a chance to try out the brand new Jaguar F-type, one of the very top sports cars on today’s market.

 “Andalucía is home to some of the most exciting roads and private motor racing circuits in Spain and this, coupled with the wonderful year-round climate has made Marbella a hugely popular destination for owners of supercars,” explains Lucas Fox Marbella director Stephen Lahiri. “ The dramatic Ronda road, for example, regularly features in TV car advertisements. There is a natural relationship between lovers of high performance supercars and high-end properties. Indeed the latest fashion for designer villas in Marbella spectacular garages with glass paneling integrated into the house so that the car literally becomes a piece of art for all to see”

The Wileco ‘Race for Fun’ was founded by 49 year-old Swedish businessman Lennarth Widerberg, who, for many years, has been combining his passion for cars and love of travel.

“It all started it as a hobby. Previously, I used to take my favourite cars with a group of friends to circuits in Scandinavia, Germany and Poland but then we discovered the south of Spain. Once we discovered Andalucía with its fantastic climate, incredible race circuits and spectacular scenic mountain roads, there was no turning back”

The event will also be attended by Swedish professional racing teams, including the “Ferrari Challenge” and the “Porsche Carrera CUP” outfits, who will be test driving their cars on the circuits before the competition season kicks off.

“Many Scandinavians are fanatical about cars, particularly sports and race cars,” explains Fredrik Kristensson, a Swedish sales agent at Lucas Fox and participant, ”but they rarely have the opportunity to fully enjoy these cars in our countries due to the climate.Indeed, this is the same reason that so many Scandinavians like to come to the Costa del Sol during the winter and many end up buying properties here.”

The Wileco ‘Race for Fun’ is also sponsored by C. De Salamanca, Marbella Event Academy and Nordic Partners. Such has been the success of the event that, as of 2016, it will take place twice per year.


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