Published 17/02/2011 by Carrie Frais

Ibiza real estate is your next port of call

With recent upgrades to Barcelona Port accessibility, and still more on the way, a novel way to check out Ibiza real estate now is to arrive via the sea rather than fly in

From Barcelona, the port makes an excellent departure point when setting off to view Ibiza properties. Barcelona Port is one of the busiest tourist and commercial hubs in Europe. In another sign of the growing economic stability of the region, the port saw close to a 25% increase in container traffic in the first three months of this year. In addition to being an active commercial locale, it is also a busy tourist centre for arriving cruise ships and connects with a beautiful marina that acts as a yachting and boating dock.

The port often determines the first impression of Barcelona for many visitors. Each cruise ship that arrives can bring between 3,000 and 5,000 passengers and crew to the city. In the past, this has caused some bottlenecks for those arriving who have then had to wait for taxi and other transport services to take them to their Barcelona base. While the port is a short distance from many of the tourist hotels, when you have bags with you and have just stepped off a cruise ship, a walk up the street can seem exhausting. Last week, the Port Authority of Barcelona took further steps to alleviate the potential for any congestion by opening up additional temporary access lanes for taxis to collect passengers. This should more than double the port’s accessibility for those arriving and departing. By the end of June, new works should be completed which will see ongoing increased accessibility between cruise berths and taxi transportation.

This is great news for those who had planned to view Ibiza real estate while visiting Barcelona. Lucas Fox has a number of Ibiza properties that make a great excuse to spend a day or two on Ibiza. Traveling via a ferry or yacht leaving from Barcelona Port is a relaxing and novel way to visit the Balearic Island.

Ferries now travel high-speed between Barcelona and Ibiza in four hours. This can be ideal if you want to take your car or a pet with you. A yacht hire is also a beautiful way to experience Ibiza and makes viewing Ibiza real estate something out of this world. Don’t forget that thanks to our lifestyle management services partnership with The Shop Ibiza, we can help you plan any arrangements if you were looking for a unique way to view some Ibiza properties while in Barcelona.

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