Published 06/02/2011 by Gabriela Simes

19.5 Million EUR in real estate transactions: a successful quarter for Lucas Fox International Properties

Lucas Fox International Properties, with its head office in Barcelona, today announce their most successful quarter since starting business in 2005. In the third quarter of 2011 the company completed on luxury Spanish property transactions worth 19.5 million in Barcelona, the Costa Brava and Ibiza.

The company showed unprecedented growth in high-end property sales and rental transactions during the third quarter, 2011. This quarter has been its most successful since the company’s founding in 2005. The success is enjoyed against the background of a lack of transactions from other high-end real estate businesses operating in the same territory. With a highly successful end to the third quarter 2011, Lucas Fox is to continue its plans for expansion during the fourth quarter, 2011 and into 2012.

Lucas Fox attribute their success to a unique, customer-focused strategy. The agency provides perfectly tailored transactions and solutions for high-end national and international buyers and sellers.  Their success in a hard market is evident in feedback from both buyers and sellers.

Juan Varón, who sold his villa in Castelldefels with Lucas Fox comments, “The firm capably handled negotiations with the end buyer of our villa. The process was clear, professional and painless. We are thoroughly satisfied with the whole transaction”.

Property buyer, Jean Ducroux, who completed a purchase of a Maresme Villa, remarks, “I was very impressed with the courtesy, knowledge and support of the Lucas Fox staff which enabled me to secure the property that I wanted, at a great price.”

The quarter’s results are at odds with popular perceptions of the Spanish Real Estate market. Alex Vaughan, Director of Lucas Fox commented, “There is a lot of negative press about the Spanish property market. However Spain continues to be one of the top destinations for high net worth property buyers. Our projections for Barcelona, Costa Brava and Ibiza as published in our recent market reports, have become a reality. The quarter’s success means that our planned expansion will take place through 2012.”

Vaughan comments on why the company performed so well during the third quarter, 2011, ”Simply, we match the right buyer, to the right property. We do not waste the buyer or seller’s time proposing properties that they would not be interested in. We employ staff that know a buyer’s native market and negotiation process. They translate and compare these similarities and differences to the international buyer. This simplifies, and clarifies, the whole transaction.  This is one stand out difference that our competitors are not able to offer. I am confident this is why we’re completing many more transactions with international clients than our competitors”, adds Vaughan.

Stijn Teeuwen, Director of Lucas Fox, summarised his thoughts on the quarters outstanding performance,  “This incredibly successful quarter was realized by the dedication of our staff conducting professional negotiations and first class customer service. Although for some the market is hard, we are continuing to enjoy growth because simply, we put the client first.”

Anthony Leaton, Marketing Directorstated, “In the present market climate you complete transactions at this level by analyzing and realizing the client’s expectations.  Our team is consistently changing and adopting new processes, technology and marketing-communications to facilitate this”

“We predict that the high level of demand from international buyers will continue to grow. As a result we will be launching new, exciting client services and announcing at least one new office opening in the fourth quarter 2011”, Leaton concluded.

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