Country House Real Estate

If you are looking for a country house for sale in Spain, Lucas Fox International Properties can help you select the best property suited to you and your family’s lifestyle needs and future plans.

See our selection of properties below if you are looking for a country house for sale with any of the following characteristics:

·      Fully renovated with multiple buildings already fit-for-purpose including stables, wine cellars, guesthouses and sporting facilities

·      Properties with substantial land and water resources available for redevelopment and renovation to meet your lifestyle or commercial needs

·      Estates and Spanish country house villas located in the idyllic surrounds of Costa Brava, Mallorca, Ibiza, and Marbella

·      Country house for sale’ opportunities located near beaches, with prominent views, or next to golf and recreational facilities. 

Demand for a well-renovated country house for sale in exclusive regions of Spain including the Costa Brava coast and on the island of Mallorca is increasing year-on-year, as more buyers recognize the location potential and investment discount opportunities now available in these resource-rich, paradise-like regions. Country house properties are often parcelled with large land acreages, have their own water supply, and may have well-renovated homes and villas already in place. Other properties offer the opportunity to create your own vision, with planning permits already signed, allowing you to buy and build to your own dream specifications in the country’s most sought-after luxury property zones.

Buyers looking for a country house for sale in Spain are facing increased competition as more investors seek the combination of lifestyle factors and location quality that will ensure properties maintain long-term value. At Lucas Fox International Properties, our staff are able to match your interests with the best suited properties and understand the local market conditions which can mean a property in one village is good value, while a similar property in a neighbouring area is less worthy. We also have a selection of exquisite wine farms and vineyards for sale , equestrian properties, and sporting and country estates to consider.

Country House Real Estate

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