Rental Agent of the Month: Pilar Rodriguez

“We were so fortunate to have found Lucas Fox and their agent Pilar Rodriguez when we moved to Barcelona.” Just one of the numerous positive testimonials for our Agent of the Month, Pilar Rodriguez.

Pilar Rodriguez has been working as a real estate rental agent at Lucas Fox Barcelona since 2015 as one of the company’s most respected agents. Pilar mainly deals with Barcelona long term rentals in Barcelona Old Town, Eixample and the Zona Alta. We spoke to her about what motivates her as a rental realtor as well as some of her day-to-day challenges. Her open, personable manner consistently ensures that client feedback is complimentary and always positive.

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Pilar Rodriguez

What do you enjoy most about working for Lucas Fox?

I love what I do and I always enjoy my day-to-day work. There is a vibrant, young ambience at Lucas Fox as well as it being multicultural.

What do you think is the most important aspect when dealing with clients?

To listen well and anticipate what they need.

What are the most challenging aspects when dealing with clients?

The personal contact with the clients themselves is a challenge as each client is always very different. A good agent needs to adapt to every new request with the ultimate aim of finding their perfect home in Barcelona. Sometimes clients arrive not knowing the city well or have been told about certain aspects which, in reality, are not the case, or they may have been badly advised. But these cases are rare.

What are most people looking for in rental properties in Barcelona?

Rental clients tend to look for homes with original features, ideally with a terrace in the Zona Alta and Eixample districts.

Do you think there is enough quality product around?

Sometimes you see apartments advertised that are totally identical without any kind of innovation, with fake hydraulic floor tiles surrounded by parquet for example. Each home is your world and should be unique in my opinion.

Why do you think Barcelona has become so popular in recent years?

Barcelona is a seductive city and is continually re-inventing itself. It is a European hub, ideal for medium or long-term relocations.

How has the city changed since you were a child?

Each day Barcelona becomes more and more beautiful but at the same time it hangs on to its original charm and character. Barcelona appeals to everyone and one is always discovering new things even if you have passed by the same place 100 times! It never stops surprising you.

Some of Pilar’s Google Reviews:

“Dealing with Pilar Rodriguez from Lucas Fox as our Barcelona rental agent has been a rewarding and very positive experience. Pilar is extremely precise in all her work, from the marketing angle to find the adequate client up to organising pictures for the flat and dealing with contracts, be it in English or Spanish. She is also fluent in French. She is among the few people working in Barcelona real state who has understood that for most clients coming from abroad mañana is today. I would be happy to recommend Pilar as a talented executive and charming person to work with.”

John Audabran

“We have been working with Lucas Fox for a few months now and every time we interact with them they provide world-class service at all levels: responsiveness, professionalism, quality of the showings, organisation. We have been working recently with Pilar, and in addition to all the qualities mentioned, she is super relaxed, positive and down to earth, making sure that our needs are in the forefont. We will definitely use them again in the future!”

Jordi Serras Marquès

“We were so fortunate to have found Lucas Fox and their agent Pilar Rodriguez when we moved to Barcelona. As our realtor, she helped us find the right apartment in the right neighbourhood. She was incredibly patient as we looked at a variety of homes over several weeks. She quickly understood our needs and helped steer us in the right direction. In short, the best part about working with Pilar was that she was always focused on answering our questions, and giving us good advice about living in Barcelona. We would recommend her to anyone.”

Chateau Annecy

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